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About our site

Welcome to Vees Wood Works

Vees Wood Works is a site that allows me to share my love of wood turning in a retail environment. The business has sprouted from my passion with working and turning fine woods and has given me the opportunity to share my products with the public.

I hope you will find this site a great source for unique gifts and fine items for display and use.

The products on this site are turned and created from various types of woods. I attempt to use as many local tree varieties as feasibly possible, especially the hardwoods of Texas. Some items however, are turned from imported woods from various parts of the world including, Asia, Africa, and Mexico, just to name a few..

A certain degree of my raw material is obtained with cooperation of tree trimming companies in the local area (Austin Texas). They provide a great source of raw material, from small branches to huge trunk sections. I then transform them from diamonds in the rough to the pieces you see before you. Often times, depending on the visual effect desired, I will turn the piece in two or more stages allowing seasoning and, time in between, to bring out the beautiful variety of characteristics of each type of wood.

The finishes I apply to each piece vary depending on the desired affects and it's intended us. The clear finishes preserves the uniqueness of each fine piece for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Products that are to be used for food are either finished in Salad Bowl Finish, Tung Oil, or a mixture of Tung Oil and Polyurethane. All finishes that are used are safe once cured.

Vees Wood Works products are hand made by Vitek Boruvka. If you have any questions please contact me.

Note: Products, and their availability change on a continual basis. If you see something you like but is no longer available, please drop me a note. I may be able to accommodate some special requests.

Tools of the trade

Take a peek at a few of my Tools .